The employee working in the organisation. How well skilled are they?

Everyone who comes into contact with your customers will make an impression.
Many customers cannot separate the product or service from the staff member who provides it, so your people will have a profound effect — positive or negative — on customer satisfaction.
– The reputation of your brand rests in the hands of your staff. They must be appropriately trained, well-motivated and have the right attitude.
– All employees who have contact with customers should be well-suited to the role.
– In the age of social media, every employee can potentially reach a mass audience.Formulate a policy for online interaction and make sure everyone stays on-message.
– Likewise, happy customers are excellent advocates for your business. Curate good opinion on review sites.
– Superior after-sales support and advice adds value to your offering and can give you a competitive edge. These services will probably become more important than price for many customers over time.
– Look regularly at the products that account for the highest percentage of your sales.
Do these products have adequate after-sales support or are you being complacent with them?
Could you enhance your support without too much additional cost?