How well are the systems set up to server the customers both effectively and efficiently?

Many customers no longer simply buy a product or service – they invest in an entire experience that starts from the moment they discover your company and lasts through to purchase and beyond.

– That means the process of delivering the product or service, and the behaviour of those who deliver it is crucial to customer satisfaction. A user-friendly internet experience, waiting times, the information is given to customers and the helpfulness of the staff is vital to keeping customers happy.

– Customers are not interested in the detail of how your business runs, just that the system works. However, they may want reassurance they are buying from a reputable or ‘authentic’ supplier.

– Remember the value of a good first impression. Identify where most customers initially come into contact with your company – whether online or offline – and ensure the process there, from encounter to purchase, is seamless.

– Ensure that your systems are designed for the customer’s benefit, not the company’s convenience.

– Do customers have to wait? Are they kept informed? Is your website fast enough and available on the right devices? Are your people helpful? Is your service efficiently carried out? Do your staff interact in a manner appropriate to your pricing?

– Customers trying to reach your company by phone is a vital source of income and returning value, but so often they are left on hold. Many will give up, go elsewhere and tell their friends not to use your company – just because of the poor process.